Guidelines for the Sherwood Student Awards

Prepared for the Sherwood Executive Committee (hereafter “Executive Committee”) by the Student Award Guideline Committee (hereafter “Guideline Committee”), formed by L. Chacón, A. N. Simakov.


Official student eligibility criteria

For a student to be eligible to receive the Award, all of the following requirements must be met:

  • The student must attend the corresponding Annual International Sherwood Fusion Theory Conference (hereafter, the “conference”).

  • Only posters are eligible. Student invited talks are not eligible to receive the Award.

  • The same student cannot receive the Award more than once every three years (skip-two-year rule).

  • The student must be enrolled in an academic institution on January 1 of the calendar year the conference is held (i.e, students graduating after January 1 of the calendar year but before the conference are eligible).

  • The student must be first author of the poster.

Selection of Sherwood Student Award Committee

The selection of members of the Sherwood Student Award Committee (hereafter “Award Committee”) must follow the following guidelines:

  • The Award Committee will be chaired by the Chair of the Program Committee.

  • The Award Committee must not exceed six members, including the Chair. Members should be selected by the Chair among the members of the Program Committee. If not enough Program Committee members are available for the Award Committee, the Chair may select Award Committee members from outside of the Program Committee.

Awarding guidelines

The number of Awards available will generally depend on available funding, and will be indicated to the Award Committee by the Chair of the Executive Committee prior to the Conference.

  • Awards will be selected only by the Award Committee, preferably by unanimity. In situations where unanimity cannot be reached, and at the discretion of the Chair of the Award Committee, a simple majority will suffice to break deadlock.

  • At least two of Award Committee members must attend the student's poster presentation at the meeting before the selection by vote.

  • Award will be presented to the students by the Chair of the Award Committee at the banquet.